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  • KalorieQ (Calorie Queue) is an experiment/game in counting calories.
  • Registered users upload pictures of every meal they eat.
  • Camera phones make this such an easy task.
  • Most people don't have the time to itemize every single thing they eat, so they give up.
  • ...
  • These pictures are loaded into a queue (line) for interested onlookers
  • Visitors to this site are asked to guess how many calories are in pictures uploaded by users
  • ....
  • Registered users can then return to see what their estimated calorie count is.
  • Some pictures are secretly "controlled". The exact calorie content is known.
  • Users with more accuracy on "controlled" pictures get a higher weighting is estimating calories
  • Visit the Accuracy section to see just how accurate the estimates are on these controlled pictures.
  • Hopefully, the experiment will show that some people have a knack for looking at a food picture and estimating the calories